Australian Rarities

For my 50th birthday, my good friend Roland gave me a beautiful, near mint copy of the first pressing mono Clearasil album.

What is the Clearasil album? On the original Sell Out album, Keith Moon is shown holding a tube of Medac. On the Australian issue, he is holding a tube of Clearasil!

Australia originally issued these in 1967 in both mono (International Polydor 612 002) and stereo (International Polydor 613 002) with a black label. My copy is the rare mono mix.

The album was reissued in the 1970's in stereo only (Polydor 613 002) and has a red label.

Interestingly enough, these are not the only cover variations of Sell Out. On the Canadian issues, John Entwistle is shown as using Isometrics rather than Charles Atlas.

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