It wasn't all that memorable. A band that my sister managed, the Schillings, 
was supposed to open for The Who at that show. On the way from Ft. Wayne, 
Indiana to the Grande, their car, which was pulling a rented U-Haul, broke 
down. My sister called me, and I went to their location near Angola to hook 
up their trailer and drive them the rest of the way to Detroit, pulling the 
trailer with my 1963 Ford Galaxy 500 convertible. It was crowded to say the 
least. We finally arrived after the show had started so they missed the 
opportunity to open for The Who. However, they were given the opportunity to 
play the last set of the night, and still get paid. In the interim,  I was 
standing out front of the venue, talking to the bus driver, whom I had met in 
November of 1967, when they played Ft. Wayne.  The Who finished their set, 
which I had seen most of, and came outside, onto the sidewalk. I had also met 
them in November. They stood around on the sidewalk and talked for a bit and 
then began to load their equipment.( Yes, in those days they loaded their own 
stuff, and set most of it up, too, with some help from Bobby Pridden). One 
thing lead to another and they invited the band along with my sister and I to 
the Holiday Inn where they were staying. After the Schillings finished their 
set, we loaded up and took off for the Holiday Inn. Upon arrival, we were 
stopped by the police who asked what we were we told them. Of 
course they said, "Yeah, Right." Along with, "Hit the road before you get 
yourselves locked up!" Since I was only 17 at the time and out well past 
curfew, I complied. I have very little recollection of the show other than of 
Roger swinging his mike out over the crowd at what seemed to be at least 50 
feet! And the projection screen behind the stage with the oil and water 
images being shown. The Grande was always a very crowded venue with lots of 
extracurricular activities going on out on the walkway around the arena area 
(read drugs and sex). This was, after all, the Love Generation! I don't 
remember for sure, but I think that The MC5 might have been the other band 
that night. I was able to get back to the Grande in, I think, July or August 
of that year to see them again, and was again able to talk briefly with them 
again. They were very accessible in those days.
Also, I seem to remember that they opened with Substitute and then did 
Summertime Blues. I also now recall that I helped load the Pictures of Lily 
kit and was quite impressed with myself for having gotten to handle them.

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