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I have been a fan of the Who since I first saw them in concert in 1967 and then a few months later on TV on the Smothers Brothers. I started collecting their records in the early '70s during my college years. I have listed part of my collection as a guide to anyone interested in collecting the Who. The definitive guide is the excellent "The Who - An Illustrated Discography" compiled by Ed Hanel. Preceding even that was the "Trouser Press Discography" from 1975 by Ira Robbins and John Visnakas.

When Pete Townshend's Who Came First was released in 1971, the following 16-page 8-1/2x11 booklet was included with the promo copies (courtesy of Roland Boisjoly):

Page 1 Page 5 Page 9 Page 13
Page 2 Page 6 Page 10 Page 14
Page 3 Page 7 Page 11 Page 15
Page 4 Page 8 Page 12 Page 16

The next item is a small brochure issued in 1971 by Decca Records showing the Who's current releases. Note the extended song titles given for Live at Leeds.



Hit Parader - September 1967
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3


The Who by Gary Herman - 1971
The following pictures are from the book. The photographers are uncredited.

Are the Kids All Right? by John G. Fuller - 1981 (Front Cover/Back Cover/Front Flap/Back Flap)
Horse's Neck
by Pete Townshend (Hard Cover) - 1985 (Front Cover/Back Cover)
Horse's Neck by Pete Townshend (Paperback) - 1985 (Front Cover/Back Cover)
Full Moon by Dougal Butler - 1981 (Front Cover/Back Cover)
The Who - Ten Great Years by Rolling Stone - 1975
The Who by Jeff Stein and Chris Johnston - 1973
The Who - Maximum R&B by Richard Barnes - 1982
The Who In Sweden by Olle Lundin - 1995
The Story of Tommy by Richard Barnes & Pete Townshend - 1977
A Decade of The Who by Ted Dicks - 1977
Lifehouse Script by Pete Townshend - adapted for radio by Jeff Young (Front Cover/Back Cover)
A Fortnight of Furore - The Who and the Small Faces Down Under by Andrew Neill (Front Cover)
Bass Culture by John Entwistle (Author), Rick Neilsen (Photographer), Mike Graham (Photographer), Steve Pitkin (Author)


Rock 'n' Roll Comics No. 7
Published in 1990 by Revolutionary Comics

Front cover Page 8 Page 17 Page 26
Inside front cover Page 9 Page 18 Page 27
Page 1 Page 10 Page 19 Page 28
Page 2 Page 11 Page 20 Page 29
Page 3 Page 12 Page 21 Page 30
Page 4 Page 13 Page 22 Page 31
Page 5 Page 14 Page 23 Page 32
Page 6 Page 15 Page 24 Inside back cover
Page 7 Page 16 Page 25 Back cover

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