Welcome to my life tattoo...

Martin - Germany

William Hill - Fort Smith, AR

Mark Sandwell   

Kristen Quaedvlieg

Here's a tattoo I have on my back.
Done by Mark at The Inkstitution in Cranston, RI.

Marc - Waterford, Ireland

Kris - Telford in Shropshire, England

Danne - Stockholm, Sweden.

Tattoo by Magnus at Evileye Tattoo in Stockholm.

Jim Hayes - London, Ontario, Canada
Tattoo by Greg at Blue Dragon


Hey Joe: You already posted a picture of my tattoo of Pete Townshend. Last weekend I went to Los Angeles to see Pete play a small bar with his girlfriend Rachel Fuller and some other guests. After the show Pete autographed my tattoo of him. I now have the autograph tattooed as well. The credit for the signature tattoo can go to Chris at Red Line tattoo’s in Hollywood. I’ve attached a picture of the finished tattoo. I’d be honoured if you posted this beside the other one you already have posted.

Javier Gómez - Spain

Hey Joe, I just joined the Odds and Sods group and found a link to your site, including a page of Who tattoos. I just got my very first job a week ago (I am only 16) and with the first paycheck I have ever received got my very first tattoo. I think by now you can guess what it is of. Could you please help me share this with the world by posting the attached pic on your site? Since I just got it last night it's a little swollen but I absolutely adore it. If you decide to post my picture you can include this information if you think it would be suitable...

Thanks, Kristin (aka ... Keep-Me-Lip-Buttoned-Down) Denver, Colorado

Luton England

Sam D. - "It is based on the Adrian George/Osiris Visions poster "The Who Sell Out". The colors are a little different, but it is the real deal. It took about 10 hours to complete, 4 sessions. Dustin McAndrew at "Ink Assassin's" in Erie, PA is the artist for both of my tats.

Ann Pearce

Andrew Rees aka slipkid299 from Wales

Joyce Picker

Tony Brady

Rob Abramowicz

Trish Pottersmith


The following photos are all courtesy of Billy (magik):

WhoBabe - She got Roger to draw a heart on her right shoulder, using a black sharpie backstage at the Hollywood Bowl show, August 14, 2000. She then got Pete to draw a heart on the back of her neck. She then went out on the day off between shows and had the drawing converted into tattoos.

She also has the 4 original members tattooed on her ankle.

Sean Cassidy (OKCU Duke)

Billy met this guy in a pub before the Watford show January 30, 2002.

Another guy from the pub (Greg Ayres from South Wales).

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